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Swimming Pool Construction Process

Designing Your Dream Pool

Our designers will meet with you and put together a visually stunning design and 3D rendering that will meet your budget and fit perfectly in your backyard.

Engineering and Permitting

Our Designers and project managers will take your design and produce plans and procure the necessary structural engineering in order to submit for building permit.

Layout and Excavation

Once we receive approval on permits, our project managers will meet with you and layout your swimming pool.

Once we get your approval,excavation of your swimming pool will begin!

Plumbing and Steel

As soon as the pool has been fully excavated and graded, we start the plumbing and steel phase.

This phase is where the groundwork is laid for the structural integrity of your pool, which allows us to give a structural warranty unlike anyone else in this market.


Shotcrete is one of our favorite phases of construction. This is when your pool really starts to take shape and no longer look like a big hole in the ground.

This step is one you wont want to miss, as it is by far the most captivating stage of construction.

Tile and Coping

This is the phase of construction where your waterline tile is set and your coping is poured directly on top of the pool shell.

This phase of construction is where your color selections are added into the build

Equipment Set

Behind every energy efficient,properly functioning pool is a complicated equipment set.

This is the phase where we connect rough plumbing, electrical, and gas into the equipment.


This is the last building step for your pool, where our top of the line finish is applied.

Right after plaster, water is added and we can begin the start-up process.

Starting-Up Your New Pool

Balanced water chemistry and thorough start-up procedure is vital to the proper and even curing of your plaster.

Integrity Pool Builders is the only company that includes 3 months of maintenance to ensure your plaster looks immaculate.

Can we help build your pool?

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