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Pool & Spa Renovations


If your swimming pool is showing it's age, we can bring back that loving feeling. By replastering your pool, your family will appreciate it more and it will improve the value of your home. Not to mention all the good times it will provide while you own it.


Your pool tiles don't have it easy. They are half submerged in chlorine and half exposed to the sun and other elements. The waterline also developed scale and other residue which can be difficult to remove without scraping or harse chemicals. So, if your tiles are showing signs or wear and need to be replaced, let us help!


Whether sitting at the pool edge or walking inside for another glass of lemonade, the top-side of your pool area gets a lot of traffic. This area is exposed to constant sunlight and has to endure the harsh elements of the off-season...hail, snow, ice, leaves and pine needles.


Your pool equipment works hard every day of the season. Mechanical repairs are inevitable, but there are a bunch of upgrades you might want to consider immediately. For fun, consider a slide. For safety, consider a new cover. For efficiency consider a new pump or heater. For freedom, consider adding some automation to your system. Whatever you need, we can help.

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