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The IPB Difference

In-House Construction

With a steady flow of projects, we are able to keep our construction team busy all year. Every project is completed by our in-house team of construction experts. We don't have to use subcontractors, so your work is done on-time and of the highest quality.


Year Round Construction

Thankfully, the weather in Colorado allows us to work all year. Our in-house construction team is working every month of the year, so we can be working on your project anytime.


Quality Equipment

We invest continually in vehicles and equipment to help give you the best experience while ensuring our team has the tools to produce the highest quality product with the most safety.


Pools Are Our Passion

We set out to create a different kind of pool company. Our founder has been building pools since he was a teenaager. With over 20 years experience in building pools, he set out to create a company that had the highest quality product and integrity in all we do.


Our Team. Our Family

Since we work all year round, we have the same teams on all our projects. We genuinely care about our team like they are part of our family and it show. As a result, we have low turnover which keeps our team improving their skills and efficiency.

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