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Pool Construction

Pool Construction

This is the part that gets everyone's adrenaline pumping. From the moment we break ground to the sound of the filter running, this is an exciting process. It's a difficult and demanding job, but we are excited to bring your unique vision to life...and create something that we are proud to feature on our web site.


 This is when the fun starts! Excavation is the first step of construction to build your swimming pool and Spa. We utilize heavy equipment to complete this process, in most cases we complete excavation in one day! We feel that we have the most tallented heavy equipment operator around.


Structural steel

If you've ever worked with steel rebar, you can really appreciate the work that goes into this phase. We careful bend and tie rebar together to create the perfect skeleton for your pool body. We use #5 (5/8") rebar on our top track as well as more rebar in key places to make our pools strong and last longer. 



 Plumbing is probably the most overlooked part of swimming pools. We use larger diameter plumbing to help ensure a more efficent flow of water.  IPB builds the safest most energy efficent swimming pools in Colorado and properly sized plumbing is the first step.



Shotcrete is the process of pneumaticaly applying concrete to your pool walls and floor. We make our walls 12" thick top to bottom and our floors are 9" thick. We also use 5000 PSI shotcrete mix. By making the walls and floors of our swimming pools thicker, with higher quality concrete we ensure a stronger longer lasting structure. Another reason that IPB builds a superior pool and spa.  


 Tile and coping Installation

After the shotcrete has cured we can start the tile and coping. We use the industries strongest thinsets and grouts assuring the longest lasting tile possible. We offer hundreds of tile choices and proudly install tile from NPT, Nobel and Master Pool tile. We are confident that we can find a tile and coping that you will love.


Pool Decking

 IPB literaly has hundreds of choices of decking material that range a wide variety of color, texture and price. We will work with you to pick the approporate decking material for around your pool and spa.


The Pool Equipment

IPB installs only the best equipment. We offer multi speed pumps, LED lighting and automation as our standard. Other companies make you "upgrade" to these more efficent items. IPB offers the best value and highest quality.


Plaster and Fill

 At IPB we offer a wide variety of different interior finishes. We offer Diamond Brite, Pool Brite and Diamond Quartz by SGM as well as standard White, Grey and Charcoal plaster finishes.


Don't Forget Safety

A pool cover is critical to the safety and maintenance of your pool.

If you have children or pets at home  you should consider an automatic pool cover for peace of mind. This is something to decide at the design process so your pool is built for the cover option you need. If you prefer to add a cover later, we can help with that too.

Integrity Pool Builders is one of Colorado's few Certified Installation and Warranty Centers for CoverStar. We use CoverStar because their products consistently outperform the competition with the highest quality and safety standards.

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